Five Jewelry Trays For Your Storage Needs


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Do you often need to rummage and dig through a series of tangled necklaces and earrings when getting ready to go out? Doing so usually takes up too much of your time, all just to find the perfect accessory items that will go well with your clothing. This is a common situation for most of us and is what mostly happens when we don’t have jewelry trays for storage in the first place. Jewelry trays are the ideal storage solution that helps make all your jewelry accessible and ready to grab and go. Most importantly, they keep your precious items away from any signs of wearing or damage.
That being said, here are five jewelry trays from EasyClosets that you can choose from for your storage needs!

1. Jewelry Tray 18d X 30w Black Velvet

Keep your jewelry organized in this sophisticated 18d x30w black-lined jewelry tray. It contains nine spacious compartments for your bracelets or necklaces and is also made for your hutch depth drawers for easy access.

2. Jewelry Tray 14d X 30w Black Velvet

For only $93.23, this 14d x 30w jewelry tray comes with nine compartments to make for a luxurious space for your everyday accessories.

3. Jewelry Tray 14d X 18w Black Velvet

If you have minimal accessories, the 14d x 18w black-velvet-lined jewelry storage is the best choice for you. With seven compartments, this item is bound to keep your jewelry clean, safe, and organized.

4. Jewelry Tray 18d X 18w Black Velvet

Slightly smaller than the 18d x 30w Black velvet tray option, this one has similar features but comes with eight compartments for your accessories. This elegant-looking storage solution is suitable for your drawers, making jewelry-picking convenient for you.

5. Jewelry Tray 14d X 24w Black Velvet

Spanning a measurement of 14d x 42w, this black velvet jewelry tray is up for grabs at just $77.09. At such a reasonable cost, you’d already get an aesthetic yet efficient storage space of nine compartments to store your jewelry items.