8 Hand-Painted Themed Photos That Look So Realistic


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Our life is short and we just want to leave some beautiful memories to our upcoming generations. Capturing a photo is an art. But, what if you can create an image with the exact people you want to. The below list contains 8 themed photos that are hand-painted. All the artists are highly skillful and they can paint photos that could give you a chance to relive a moment gloriously.

1.Grandchildren and Grandparents

Sometimes grandparents pass away before seeing their grandchildren. This painting will remind the grandchildren of their grandparents. The theme is truly emotional. So, you can order it.

2.Parents and Children

David, the painter, has sketched this family so beautifully. Everybody is smiling and they are spending a great time. You can also paint your family like this.

3.Wedding Photo Theme

Erica has painted this painting from real-life wedding photos. The wedding moment may get lost. But, this painting will show the everlasting love of this couple. So, send your wedding photos and keep your wedding moments alive.

4.Wedding Photo Theme

In this wedding sketch, the newlywed husband and wife are smiling. The painting is done by Bryan. If you like the theme, then you can have a painting like this. Bryan can also create the wedding themes with two separate photos.

5.Individual Theme

It’s an oil painting and the painting is flawless. Peter, the artist, has created a masterpiece and you can feel the innocent face of the girl. Peter can also paint adult individual themes from photos. So, order one and gift yourself.

6.Individual Theme (pencil)

Space has no color. So, without color, your painting can express profound and enigmatic expressions. This girl’s painting is sketched by John. H using only a pencil. So, contact him and create an ageless painting.

7. Animal Theme

Sometimes animals come close to us. So, you can paint your animal before or after its death. Just send a photo and have a marvelous painting of your animal.

8.Other or Fancy Theme

The painting is of a child and a unicorn. The painting may not be real. But, it definitely looks real. You can too paint your photos with imaginary persons or dead relatives.