Bar Counter Accessories


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Bar counter accessories are the combinations of various bar counter accessories are used to enhance the quality of drinks. Bar counter accessories are usually made from stainless steel, metal, plastic or glass which means that they’re long lasting and heavy duty. The size of bar counter accessories vary, but they are mostly small because people only want to entertain a few customers at once.Bar counter accessories include;

1. Mixing Spoons

Mixing spoon is used for stirring cocktail, milk, hot drinks and other liquids. The mixing spoons are usually long handled or partly bent.

2. Ice Scoops

Ice scoop is user to dispense ice cubes inside the glass which means it can be used together with bar counter accessories like cocktail shakers and pourers.The ice scoop has a pointed tip at one end and a handle attached to another end of the scoop using metal or plastic hook that stick out sideways from the handle of the scoop.

3. Pourers

A bartender uses this device for controlling the speed at which alcohol flows out of champagne bottles, liquor bottles etc., into glasses. The opening in the small cap is wide enough to let the liquid pass through but too small for ice cubes to pass.

4. Corkscrews

A corkscrew is used to remove a cork from a wine bottle without damaging the bottle or spilling any wine. There are two types of corkscrews; winged corkscrew and waiter’s friend which both have a pointed metal helix attached to a handle, which pierces the cork and delivers it when turned vertically. A winged corkscrew has a short quill in between two arms that turn into spiral upon twisting towards the palm of your hand thus removing this cork from its place while a waiter’s friend has an S shaped hook at its end which pulls out the cork from the wine bottle with ease.

5. Jiggers (Measuring Glass)

A jigger or measuring glass is a bartender’s tool used to measure liquor and pour it into glasses, which usually holds between 1 and 2 ounces of liquid with markings on them showing measurements such as “one jigger” or one ounce and a half. Bartenders use these exquisite tools for pouring alcohol in most drinks they serve than just mixing them freehand, thus making each drink taste perfect according to standards set by their establishment.