Fitted Sheets & Duvet Covers – Your Sleep Buddies


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A good night’s sleep makes you fresh the next day. Choose your pick of premium fitted sheets and duvet covers here which will surely settle you down nicely and sleepily on your bed:

1. Kingham Deep Fitted Sheet

A fitted sheet that’s made from comfy 100 percent cotton with a smooth 800 thread count sateen.No matter what generation, it is timeless and fashionable as it is pure white. This Kingham product will always heighten delightful experiences in your bedrooms because of its elegant appearance and also due to its silky feel against your skin.

2. Savoy Deep Fitted Sheet

Get ready to get a good night’s sleep with our extra smooth 400 thread count Egyptian cotton percale bed linen. Our Savoy Deep Fitted Sheets drape beautifully on your bed and feel exquisitely smooth to your skin. This collection, which has an immaculate trim finish of densely stitched cord on 3 sides of its duvet cover, is made in Portugal.

3. Single Row Cord Egyptian Cotton Deep Fitted Sheet

This 100 percent Egyptian Cotton fitted sheet is smart aesthetics for your bedrooms. Created in Portugal with 200 thread count cotton percale, its simple but elegant design caresses your skin while you slumber into dreamland. Its looks are finished off with a thin white row of cord.

4. Savoy Fitted Sheet

It is one of our bestsellers. Satisfied customers say that our Savoy Fitted Sheets fit perfectly on all four corners. This Portugal-made fitted sheet is super smooth with its 400 thread count Egyptian cotton percale linen material.

5. Kara Hemp Fine Stripe Duvet Cover

We use hemp on our Kara Hemp Duvet Cover because it is both a natural and breathable material. This makes your duvet cover cool in summer and warm in winter. It is introduced in smart blue and white pinstripe design with the perfect weight and drape. The best combination of European hemp and Belgian and French linen to create an exceptional duvet cover for you.

6. Cavendish Duvet Cover

If you’re fond of exploring 5-star hotels, this duvet cover gives you the exact experience you are looking for. Cavendish is made of 100 percent Egyptian cotton with a silky smooth 800 thread count sateen. Lovingly made for you by craftsmen in Portugal.

7. Pimlico Deep Fitted Sheet

Sleep in splendor on our Pimlico Deep Fitted Sheets with the highest quality 720 thread count of 100 percent Egyptian cotton percale. It is simple but elegant, with a nice border of discreet picot stitching.

8. Faro Fitted Sheet

If you want to sleep above sustainable fabrics, this is it. Our Faro Fitted Sheets are environmentally friendly but also exquisite in their softness and smoothness. A nice blend of cotton and TENCEL™ Lyocell which are fibers sourced from sustainably grown wood.