Factors To Consider When Buying Shower Curtain


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A shower curtain is a plastic or cloth cover intended to enclose a shower cubicle or bathtub in order to contain the water within it or keep it from splashing outside of it. One side is usually reflective whereas the other contains holes for water drainage. Often, they are also advertised as being mildew resistant and/or water-shedding which prevents the accumulation of dirt on them. Factors to consider when buying shower curtain;


The size of a curtain usually ranges from 65 to 72 inches in width and 69 to 77 inches in length. Shower curtains sized as such are readily available at all retail stores.

2. material

One generally has the choice between vinyl or fabric as material for their curtains. The advantage of a vinyl shower curtain is that it’s very inexpensive, available in many different colors and styles, easy to clean, and can last up to five years or more if well maintained. Fabric shower curtain, on the other hand, is more expensive than their vinyl counterpart but it also looks better because they look grander and heavier yet take up much less space when hung on a rail due to their lightweight property which makes them ideal for smaller bathrooms. They’re also mildew resistant and easy to clean as well.


Curtains come in many different styles ranging from simple clear material types, solid color panels, “frosted” glass style, tiebacks, decorative flap or valance hanging from the upper frame(which may contain one or more plastic hooks) of the cubicle or curtain rod looped with a matching band to keep it from sliding, and printed/fabric style. Clear shower curtains are the most popular because they allow one to see through them clearly thus making showers safer especially for children or people with visual disabilities. If privacy is what you’re after then one of the solid color panels may suit your needs better as these prevent onlookers from seeing through them. Shower curtains can be hung using simple plastic shower curtain hooks which snap on easily and come in many different colors depending on preference or taste.

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