8 Engaging Holiday Cards To Choose From This Holiday Season


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Holidays are the most-awaited time of the year for most of us. And the best way to make it memorable is by selecting an eye-catching holiday card to gift to your loved ones. If you still haven’t picked one for this holiday season, go through these 8 stunning HOLIDAY CARDS to pick the one that will best convey what’s on your mind!

1. Festive Hugs

upper Jane’ has designed this exquisite card, and it comes with reindeer cartoons, snowflakes, and holiday hugs’ written in the base of the front side. It has a customizable photo frame option (rectangle, rounded, groove, cleft, and waveforms) at the front and the back.

2. Lovely Holiday Garden

From the mind of early Schmidt Designs’, this stunning card offers a holiday look at its front with traditional Christmas green colored leaves and red decorations. A single photo with framing options can be placed at the front side, while at the back you can place a collage of three photos.

3. Painted Fronds

This enticing Egan Cash Design card comes with green leaves and red berries framing on a white background in the front. You can place one photo using a frame design of your choice. On the back, however, you have the option of adding three photos in a collage form.

4. Artful Scallop

Designer arrie Moradi’ offers a minimalist look in this card using subtle pastel shades of pink and green to border the frame at the front. The back portion of the card is completely covered with the same design of pink and green with a space in the end for your message, offering an overall gorgeous look.

5. Winter Holly

Julie Murray’ has given a warm holiday look to this card with the white background of the front and back laced with Christmas green leaves and the occasional red dots. You have the option of adding a photo at the front and one at the back.

6. What A Year Collage

eth Schneider’ has designed this extraordinary holiday card with a white background in the front, and hat A Year’ in green colored text. You can add 5 photos in the front and one at the back, which has a green background with snowflake prints.

7. Many Merry Moments

Livia Kanaley Inman’ offers this elegant card with a pastel shade front side that has the text ay this season be filled with merry moments and simple joys’. You can add as many as 9 photos in the front and one photo at the back.

8. Our Holiday Love

A simple white background on the front with holiday love’ text comes from the mind of Annie Walker Designs’. You can add one photo on the front and a collage of four at the back. Each of these HOLIDAY CARDS is made using recycled Linen or Pearl paper and is available with envelopes, address labels with color options, and gloss coating options.