Everything You Need To Know About Reception Seat


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The reception seat is designed to help you sit down after you spend long hours standing in front of the reception or waiting room. It is also used when you are there for interviews, meetings and even when giving speeches in front of large audiences.

The reception seat comes with an adjustable height feature that makes it comfortable for all users. Hence, this seat can be used by anyone who wants to relax while sitting down. You can bring the seat with you anywhere because it comes with a foldable design that makes it easy to store inside your car trunk when not in use. If you want to create a perfect seating arrangement for your home, office or fitness center, make sure you purchase several units including folding armchairs and ottomans.

Alternatively, if you usually spend most of the time sitting on the floor or on low chairs, this is not an ideal seating option for you. You should consider buying traditional Indian furniture that will provide you with proper support and comfort.

Types of Reception seat

Specific types of reception seats are designed for special needs. They include;

1. Reception armchair.

This seat is designed for elderly users who find it hard to stand up straight after sitting down. It features a high backrest that provides lumbar support and free space at the front of the seat where you can place your legs.

2 . Rocking reception chair

This type of seat has a wide back area, tall headrest and curved base that makes it suitable for all guests who visit your office.

3 . Reception stool

The stool looks like a folding chair but its height is adjustable and it comes with a foot bar at the bottom to help you relax when you want to sit down or rise back on your feet. Some stools also come with cushioned surfaces and padded armrests that make them comfortable than traditional chairs. Note that some reception stools include a backrest, while others do not.

4 . Reception couch

The reception couch is designed to seat two or more people at the same time. It comes with an adjustable height feature that helps you create a comfortable sitting arrangement. In addition, this type of seat has armrests and headrests on both sides which makes it suitable for everyone who wants to sit down comfortably at your place. You can also opt for corner sofas that will provide similar features as traditional chairs but will allow you to fit in a smaller space at home or office.