Bliss Plush Blanket Buying Guide


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Bliss plush blanket is the perfect blanket to keep warm during cold winter nights. It is extremely soft and is made of high-quality materials. Bliss plush blanket comes in different sizes, including twin, queen/full size, and even more recently there have been large-sized blankets for extra warmth on very cold days or when you are sharing with someone else or pets like your dogs. The following is a bliss plush blanket buying guide;


This is an extremely simple process to get the right size of bliss plush blanket. First, measure your bed or if you are sharing with someone, measure both beds separately then add 6 inches on that length. It is highly recommended that you do not go by numbers alone but also consider thickness and warmth, especially if you are sharing with someone who takes up more than his fair share of space in the bed.


Bliss plush blanket is made of two types of materials; cotton and polyester. Cotton is warm and soft while polyester is great for people who may be allergic to wool. A blend of the two gives greater source flexibility offering customers benefits from both without drawbacks associated with either material singularly. The part about this material is that polyester is cheap so using a blend of polyester and cotton can keep costs low as well as provide warmth.


The price of the blanket depends on its size and type of material used, larger sizes will have a higher price than twin or full-size blankets. The only things that should affect the price are the amount being sold at once and material quality. Cheap bliss plush blankets tend to be made from a blend of materials while more expensive ones use purer materials like 100% cotton which tends to be softer but does not come in as many colors.

Bliss plush blankets are extremely comfortable to sleep with especially for people who live in cold climates or homes without proper heating systems. They also don’t tend to wear out quickly even if washed several times a week. If you are looking for a blanket that can keep you warm, helps avoid allergies, and is perfect for all seasons, bliss plush blankets are the best option available.