Cooking Utensils And Bakeware


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Cooking utensils and bakeware are the tools and equipment used in the process of cooking. Each tool or piece of equipment is designed for a specific use such as pressing garlic, cutting vegetables, stirring batter, etc.

Cooking utensils are used in most homes when cooking meals. There are several varieties of food preparation methods, therefore there are many types of cooking utensils to suit each method. For example, baking usually requires more bakeware than frying or grilling food does because it involves an oven instead of just a stovetop. Cooking utensils and bakeware includes;

1. Spoons

This group consists of spoons, measuring spoons, serving spoons and even miscellaneous spoons. There are also other utensils that come under this category such as the slotted spoon which has holes in it used to lift spaghetti out of boiling water without breaking it.

2. Spatulas

Also known as a turner, bar scraper or pallet knife, a spatula is a tool with a broad flat edge on a flexible blade used for cooking purposes. It can be used to stir food while cooking in order to prevent burning and promote even cooking. While some are designed for specific tasks like lifting cookies off baking sheets or reaching into tall jars, others are multipurpose kitchen utensils that have different shapes depending on what needs to be done such as scraping, flipping or spreading food.

3. Ladles

These ladies-shaped utensils are used for transferring liquid from a container to another one usually pots and pans during cooking and serving purposes. They come in different sizes and shapes depending on the amount of liquid they hold. Some ladles can even sit inside pots and pans so it is easier for users to move them around especially when the contents are boiling hot because this avoids burns from touching the sides of the pan.

4. Spaghetti server

This utensil has a long handle with two or four prongs at the end that allows it to capture pieces of spaghetti as well as other long foods without breaking them into smaller pieces; it is used to serve dried or cooked pasta.

5. Kitchen tongs

Also known as spring tongs, these are usually made of stainless steel with scalloped ends and a locking mechanism that can be used for picking up items without touching them directly with the hands especially when they are greasy or hot. They come in different sizes some long enough to use at grills or stoves while some are short enough to be stored inside drawers for daily kitchen use.

Kitchen utensils can also be classified according to their material composition such as wood which connotes more traditional methods, metal which gives an impression of strength, plastic utensils which tend to be cheap and disposable, glassware which is suitable for cooking acidic dishes and china which is best suited for oven use.