2 Ultra Soft Lunar Modules


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Have you ever taken a seat on a real Lunar Module? Perhaps not. But, with these two re-engineered bean bags, you can experience the floating chairs inside the lunar modules.

1.Moon Pod (4 square feet)

This super stretchy moon pod (12 lbs.) is made with a fabulous ergonomic design. The beads inside the chair are extremely comfortable and they can help you to relax your body. Believe it or not, you may have never experienced anything like this.

2.Super Moon Pod

Super moon pod is made for 2 persons. Despite being a chair for two persons, it won’t take huge space on your floor. The dual-membranes make it a soft, durable, and stretchy chair. So, float and relax with your partner. Now, bean bags have become old. Moreover, bean bags are not good for your spine. But, these moon pods take your body shape and make you feel like floating. So, bring them home and try something new.