8 Super Plush Towels That Are Pure Soft And Luxurious


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Why Choose Super Plush? They used long-staple Turkish cotton as it produces the smoothest and strongest yarns for extra soft and durable towels that will last longer. Their high-quality cotton uses a single-ply yarn that is without any breakage resulting in extremely strong and soft towels. They used ultra-durable weave which is the strongest and tightest Z-twist weave instead of a standard S-twist that will result in less pilling and pulling.

1.Super-Plush Towel Move-in Bundle

This is their bestselling towel weave that is luxurious and soft which is perfect for turning your bathroom into a dream spa. These towels have durable z-twist construction and a substantial 820 GSM. Upgrade now your entire bathroom with their move-in bundle towels which include 42 hand towels, 4 bath towels, 1 bath mat, and 4 washcloths. You can save up to 17% if you buy each separately. These towels are 100% Turkish cotton and are made in Turkey.

2.Super-Plush Bath Sheets

These bath sheets are slightly larger than bath towels and have a substantial 820 GSM and z-twist durable construction. These come with 2 hand towels, 2 bath sheets, and a bathmat. You can save up to 16% than buying each towel. These are OEKO-TEX certified for chemical safety.

3.Super-Plush Bath Towel Bundle

These towels come in a set of two and have durable z-twist construction and substantial 820 GSM.

4.Super-Plush Hand Towels

These hand towels give extra thickness for spa-like comfort and it is OEKO-TEX certified for chemical safety. Towels are 100% Turkish cotton which is perfect to turn your CR into a spa you have been dreaming of.

5.Super-Plush Washcloths

These washcloths are pure soft and luxurious that come in a set of two.

6.Bath Mat

Their bath mat is extra thick for spa-like comfort and enough dense to keep your toes dey and warm. It has a substantial weight of 1000 GSM. Its subtle piping detail along the edges makes it a simple towel yet it adds style to your bathroom.

7.Super-Plush Robe

Super-Plush Robe is inspired by the luxurious feel of Super-plush towels and is the ultimate in softness and he’s. It is being made of combed and long-staple Turkish cotton for you to feel like you are lounging in a luxury daily. Its robe features an oversized for with wide sleeve adjustable cuffs, adjustable tie waist, and pockets. These towels are a good-looking way to dry off and lounge.

8.Super-plush Hand Towels- Last Call

These jammhand towels are available in Navy and Marled Poppy and also come in a set of two. These are also soft and luxurious towels to use.