8 Cozy BathrobesTo Cuddle Up In


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When you get out of the shower you don’t always want to worry about getting dressed and running out the door. Sometimes you just want a comfy to throw on while you binge-watch Netflix with someone special. Here are 8 cozy bathrobes to cuddle up in.

1.Hooded Chevron Robe in Blue

The comfortable blue Hooded Chevron Robe is a staple in relaxation culture. It calms the body and the mind with its terry cloth fabric on the inside to keep you cool, calm, and collected after a long day.

2.Hooded Chevron Robe in Cream

The cream version of the Hooded Chevron puts you right in the spa. These bathrobes are made from genuine Turkish fabric you’ll feel like you’ve been pampered as soon as you put it on. The fluffy fabric will wrap around your body like a magic carpet.

3.Super-Plush Robe

The ultra-comfortable Super-Plush Robe will feel so cozy that you won’t want to take it off until things heat up. Wearing this robe is like floating on top of a bed of feathers.

4.Super-Plush Robe (Limited Edition Striped Flamingo)

This Limited Edition version of the Super-Plush features unprecedented heights in exceptional comfort. The exotic pink and white color palette highlights its extravagant design for the woman who knows how to lounge in style.

5.Waffle Robe

These robes literally feel like being wrapped in a soft waffle. You’ll look like a whole snack in this robe. It’s made out of a lightweight material that dries quickly so you can throw it on as soon as you get out of the shower.

6.Linen Robe

Who needs sheets when you can wrap yourself in this comfortable thin linen robe? Historians say this material was worn by warriors when they finished bathing after a bloody battle.e. The all-white lightweight Belgian and French fabric dries quickly to get straight to relaxing.

7.Hammam Robe

As much as you would hate to admit it, you would want to indulge in the sun with this style. You are going to feel a bit motivated to invite your friends when the time is right. Summer would be the perfect time to lie down outside and relax.

8.Atlantic Robe

The Atlantic robe is for when things are getting wetter than the ocean. These bathrobes are made out of a soft cotton fabric blended with modal to easily jump in and out of it. Slip into this sleek robe while you sip on a cup of coffee and plan your next cruise trip.