8 Innovative Pantry Design Ideas For Limited Space


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Modern homes come with limited space. So, people look for ways to optimize the area to store their belongings. A pantry comes in handy to stock crockery, cutlery, and food products. Here are 8 amazing pantry design ideas for you.

1. Decanting area

Are you struggling to store your belongings in a small area? If so, consider including a decanting area in your pantry. The natural color and elegant style make the pantry more elegant. At the same time, it creates a comfortable space to keep linens and platters for any occasion.

2. Pantry slide-out storage

This innovative design idea gives small appliances a unique storage setting. You may keep them away from your kitchen cupboards and countertops. The option includes well-designed wood drawers with smooth glides that open wide to store a mixer, dry goods, or a crock-pot.

3. Reach-in white pantry barn door

The style makes the sliding drawer handy in your kitchen. You may add a barn door to the pantry and organize your spices or children’s favorite treats. The extra space, as well as the organization, makes this option popular among most homeowners.

4. Reach-in pantry barn door

Some folks love a minimalistic sense of design. If you belong to this category, choose this conservative reach-in pantry door. Include a hook board on the exterior of your pantry. The addition will let you house your children’s belongings or grocery totes.

5. Walk-in pantry

If you’re a space-savvy individual, you’ll like this pantry design. A lovely walk-in pantry blends into your home and multiplies your storage space. Plus, it frees up the counter-top space. You may stock groceries, cookbooks, and appliances in deep corner shelves and tall shelving towers.

6. Walk-in kitchen storage

The option is similar to the walk-in pantry design. However, it comes with corner shelves. So, you can maximize the storage area in the kitchen. The shelves may include trays, dividers, slide-out wire baskets, and wood drawers to stock a slew of items as you like.

7. Pantry drawers

These are full extension drawers in matte nickel color. They make room on countertops and cupboards to store entertaining and cooking essentials in the pantry. The design offers a comfortable way to reach your belongings whenever you like.

8. White pantry barn door

Available in white color, the barn door includes sliding wire baskets. It makes a perfect solution for kitchen essentials. You can store many products such as onions, potatoes, and squash.