What To Consider When Buying Gaming Chair


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Gaming chairs are available in many different designs, configurations and colors. Most of them are able to fit the required height requirement for players that are around 5ft 6in (1.70m) to 6ft 2in (1.88m). Their design is generally ergonomic but this depends on each model. Some have a tilt function while others do not have this option. What to consider when buying a gaming chair;

1. The ergonomic design of the chair

This should have adequate lumbar support, head support and armrests that can provide comfort for each game.

2. Chair angle adjustment

The chair should be able to change its angle instead of the player having to lean forward or backward when playing. This also helps with body posture while playing because the player will not feel too much force on any part of their body like shoulders, neck etc.

3. The quality desired

If it is for professional gaming purposes then you need to go for the best quality possible (expensive) whereas if it is for casual purposes then you can settle with an average chair (cheaper). Also, consider where your purchase will be used; in an apartment/house/office setting.

4. When will you use the chair?

If you are looking for a chair to play most of your games on then consider one with speakers, an adjustable mic and headphone mounts.

5. Chair type

There are 2 types of gaming chairs which are bucket seats or executive office style ergonomic chairs that have armrests. Both have their pros and cons but overall bucket seats are more preferred because they allow players to rock back and forth offering extra cushioning when leaning forward in intense games.

6. Price

The price range is from less than $100 to over $500 per chair depending on various factors explained above. So do not forget about this important aspect while looking for your new purchasing option, also it would be worth considering buying used so you can save some money.

7. Quality of construction

The more the weight capacity, the better the quality because this means that it will be able to withstand a bigger gamer and last longer, keep in mind that most high-end chairs have a weight limit of around 330lbs. The quality of materials used will also determine its durability therefore always check the specs before buying one.