Is Your Kitchen Equipped With All the Utensils You Need?


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As people spend more time at home and less at the office, home cooking became the norm. Having a kitchen that is equipped with all the right cookware, dishes, drinking utensils and accessories will make your life as a home cook much easier. Caraway Home is one brand that specialized in making premium utensils that can elevate your cooking game. If you are interested in becoming a better home chef, there are a few things that Caraway Home offers which should catch your attention.

1. Caraway Fry Pan

Despite looking like a regular pan, the frying pan from Caraway has a premium build quality that is visible to the naked eye. It comes with a special ceramic coating that makes it a non-stick pan and which is known to be considerably less toxic than Teflon.

2. Caraway Sauté Pan

The saute pan is the ideal choice for preparing quick meals and snacks for a night with friends coming over. It is not enough to have your drinking utensils out if you cannot serve them a hot and fancy dish. The ceramic coated saute pan along with its sturdy stainless steel handle and the ceramic coating is the ideal cooking tool for your kitchen.

3. Sause Pan

If you are preparing some fancy drinks with your drinking utensils, you should also prepare some appetizers that work well with a sauce. The Caraway Sauce Pan is the ideal size to prepare a béchamel, soups, risottos, or any type of sauce you like. Its ceramic coating ensures that nothing sticks and it is easy to clean at the same time.

4. Bakeware Set

The easy way to cook is to prepare dishes in the oven. Deserts, roasts, vegetables, and puff pastry can easily be prepared in the oven if you have the right bakeware set. Caraway makes their bakeware set using the same creaming coating to make it easy to clean and prevent food from sticking.

5. Dutch Oven

Almost everyone has cooking and drinking utensils but very few people have and use a dutch oven. These special pots from Caraway are made with thicker walls and come with a heavy steel lid. It can be used to cook anything from roasts to bread inside your oven without causing the food to become dry and lose moisture.