If You Were To Send A Valentines’ Day Card, What Would You Choose?


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People have forgotten about Valentine s Day cards. They used to be popular but as time went by, people either forgot about them or switched to sending digital cards. The digital version feels quite impersonal and is probably one of the worst choices. You can still send classic Valentine s Day cards that are printed on actual paper and greet is one of the few websites that still make them. There are hundreds to choose them but nine of them simply stand out with their heartfelt and gorgeous design. What makes them so special is that these gift cards are shaped like small boxes which you can use for a small gift.

1. I Miss Your Face Card

The I Miss Your Face card is a fun and interesting gift for a loved one. As the message states, it is mostly suitable for the ones that have not seen their partner in a while. It has a bright orange color and a playful font for the message printed on the card.

2. You Are the Love of My Life Card

For some, the “You Are the Love of My Life” card seems like one of those Valentine s Day cards with a cheesy message. However, the design of the card and the playful font make it a fun gift to offer to your loved one.

3. You Are Loved Card

You do not need a lengthy message to express your feelings. The “You Are Loved” car is the ideal choice for the ones that are looking for a simple yet fund card for Valentine’s day. It has a bright blue color and can even be personalized with your photos.

4. The Happy Couple Card

It is always great to celebrate a relationship that simply works. Why not get a card that reflects how your relationship is going. “The Happy Couple” card is the ideal choice. With a modern but playful design, it is one of the many Valentine s Day cards that you can choose from greet.

5. I Love You Card

If you want to stick with something simple, nothing is more sincere than saying “I Love You”. The card has a lovely black and white design with a youthful fond and a premium print. It can be personalized and due to its boxy shape, it can also be used as a gift box.

6. Full of Hearts Card

Sometimes, you do not need words to express how you feel. Why not pick Valentine s Day cards that are simple and even if it does not have a message written on them, it is obvious that it is a token of love. The “Full of Hearts” card is one such great example that you can offer for Valentine’s Day.

7. Heart Mania Card

Similar to the “Full of Hearts”, the “Heart Mania” card is a simple print filled with hearts that you can offer to your better half. You can even offer to someone whom you cherish such as a parent, a good friend, or even a teacher.

8. Happy Valentine’s Day Card

If you feel like you lack inspiration, you can stick with a classic. The simple “Happy Valentine’s Day” card can be turned into a great token of appreciation and love. It can be used as a gift or as a means to share your feelings with your loved one.

9. Be Mine Card

Nothing expresses a connection better than the “Be Mine” card. It is a message meant for your better half that you can share on Valentine’s Day. With a lovely flower print and the simple message printed on the box, the card can be a great gift and statement of your love.