Bathrobe Or Bath Towel? Which One Would You Choose?


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It is impossible to find a household without bath towels. However, not everyone is keen on having bathrobes. Both fulfill the same purpose but bathrobes add a certain degree of comfort. You can choose between the two but you can also have both. What matters is the fabric from which they are made as nobody wants bathrobes or bath towels that are harsh, too soft, or do not absorb water. Riley Home is one brand that offers a good selection of both but their products are made only using the right kind of fabric to make them both useful and pleasant to use. Several products that they offer manage to stand out in terms of quality and value.

1. Plush Bath Towel Collection

The Plush Bath Towel collection is a bit different than what most people think of when speaking about a bath towel. It is extremely soft with a fluffy surface that manages to absorb water quite well. The towel is part of a collection that includes all towel sizes and is available in 8 different colors.

2. Navy Hooded Waffle Robe

For the ones that like bathrobes that you can find in luxury hotels, the Hooded Waffle Robe is a great choice. It has a waffle exterior and terry lining that gives a certain sense of luxury. It has a heavier weight to it and it is made entirely out of cotton. It may not be the softest out of all the bathrobes but it certainly feels like a premium product.

3. Hooded Waffle Robe

The white Hooded Waffle Robe is identical to the navy version. What sets it apart is the color. This particular robe is much more reminiscent of the luxury hotel bathrobes, offering premium quality using 100% cotton. It is highly absorbent and very comfortable to wear.

4. Spa Towel Collection

The Spa Towel Collection includes a set of 5 different towels including bath towels and hand towels available in 8 different colors. They were made using high-quality cotton that remains just as soft even after multiple washes.

5. Plush Bath Towel

You do not have to get an entire towel set. If you need just one bath towel, you can get the plus bath towel which is by far the softest towel made by Riley Home. The towel is made using premium fine combined zero-twist cotton and is available in 8 different colors.

6. Luxe Terry Robe

The Luxe Terry Robe is considered a classic robe that features a modern cut. Compared to the other robes in the collection, the Luxe Terry robe is the lightest in terms of weight but just as absorbent. It has a soft texture that is similar to the one of a large premium bath towel.

7. Duo Towel Collection

For the ones that like the classic feel of bath towels, the Duo Towel Collection is the ideal choice. It is made with premium cotton and has a less soft texture when compared to the Plush Collection. It is still a soft towel but has a higher absorbent capacity and a practical design.

8. Four Layer Towel Collection

The Four Layer Towel Collection uses a different approach to how bath towels should be made. Instead of using a single cotton layer, it uses four thin layers. The four layers add softness while preserving the natural absorbent properties of cotton. At the same time, it leaves no lint and remains soft after each wash.