8 Best Planter Pots That Make Your House Beautiful


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Plants and flowers can be planted in pots or planters. Pots are generally small in size and can hold only a single plant meanwhile planter comes in many sizes and can hold several plants at once. Planters are usually used outdoor, making our house look beautiful and today we are going to list the 8 best planter pots.

1.Small platform planter

This planter design is inspired by geometric forms and can be used alone or connected to other planters.

* The opening diameter is 4″ wide
* Comes in 3 colors
* Comes with recessed drainage
* Made with concrete and natural stone terrazzo

2.Large pentagonal planter

This beautiful planter provides your plant with some pedestal or gives the trailing plant more vertical space.

* The planter measurement is 10″
* Made with ceramic in Mexico
* Comes with a saucer and drainage hole

3.Burbank planter

A big planter that is suitable for bigger plants and although big, it is very easy to move around.

* Comes in 2 colors
* The interior is 11″ wide
* Made with fiberglass
* Do not have a drainage hole
* Fits pots that are 10″ wide and lower

4.Retro bullet planter

This beautiful and modern design is perfect for your plants or as a gift for those who love planting and gardening.

* Comes in 3 colors
* The planter measurement is 15.75″
* Made with durable and watertight fiberglass
* Stand made with powder-coated
* No drainage hole and can use indoor or outdoor in a covered area

5.Large lumpy planter

A lovely designed planter that will make your house even more beautiful.

* Fits 4″ plant
* The planter measurement is 4.7″
* Made with glazed clay in London

6.OB midi planter

A beautiful and colorful handmade planter that comes with orange, black, and blue color.

* Have white glazed interior
* The planter measurement is 3.5″ and can fit pots that are 3.5″ and below
* Made with speckled stoneware in London

7.Large upcycled planter

This large planter is hand-finished with unwanted materials to keep it environmentally friendly.

* The planter measurement is 12.75″ wide
* Porous and comes with drainage hole and removable plug
* Made with recycled plastic, wood dust, and natural stone

8.Small and medium grant planter duo

Named after the 300 acres Grant Park, this is a must-have planter and can save a lot with this duo.

* Comes in 4 colors
* Small panter measures 5″ and medium planter measures 7″
* Do not have drainage
* Can use indoor and outdoor but must be moved inside if the temperature is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit