5 Photo Frames From Aura Frames That Are Worth Spending Money On


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Ever since smartphones have received optical sensors that can rival professional DSLR cameras, the concept of physical photos died off. It is rare to see someone having physical photos of special moments. Photo frames can be considered collateral and vanished just like physical photos. What we get to see in this day and age are digital photo frames. As a solution for digital images, digital photo frames can be considered a successful successor. Aura Frames made it their business to create amazing digital photo frames with high-resolution displays that can replace classic frames in both style and quality. They managed to create an extensive line of products with a premium fit and finish.

1. Buddy Photo Frame

The Buddy photo frame is advertised as being the ideal choice for photos of pets. However, it can be used to keep on display any photo of your loved ones or special moments. The frame has a light beige color titled Biscuit. It uses a 10.1-inch 1080p display and comes with built-in storage. The device also comes with wireless support to facilitate the upload of photos directly from a mobile device.

2. Smith Photo Frame

The Smith photo frame is their most expensive frame. It is the frame with the most appreciated design with its mesh style bezel etched in stainless steel. The model can be found in two different colors and features a high resolution 2K screen which makes the image look stunning.

3. Mason Luxe

Mason Luxe is one of the few frames from the brand that was conceived to be used in both landscape and portrait mode. Like all the models from Aura Frames, Mason Luxe works with mobile devices and has built-in storage. The display has a 4:3 aspect ratio and a 2K resolution. The model is available in 2 different shades of gray.

4. Mason

The Mason photo frame is nearly identical to the Mason Luxe. What separates the two is the display resolution. Instead of having a 9 inch 2K display, the Mason uses a Full HD display. This also makes the photo frame considerably cheaper than the Luxe version.

5. Carver Luxe

Carver Luxe is one of the few frames from the brand that is only meant to be used as a landscape photo frame. It has a sleek and stylish bezel and a 10 inch Full HD display. The frame can be paired with mobile devices to facilitate photo transfers and comes with unlimited photo and video storage. The frame can be found in 3 different colors.