3 Crescent Accessories That Can Make You Comfortable


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This life is full and stress and pressure. We work hard every day just to fulfill our dreams. But our body needs relaxation every now and then. There are many ways to get relaxed and one way is by using ergonomic supports.


This is the perfect addition to boost your moon pod experience. You can use this in any place like bed, couch, and with the moon pod. Its high-density beads and ergonomic design work its miracle by giving the ergonomic support you need. You will feel 100% comfortable in any position.

2.Lunar lift

This innovation aligns the feet with your heart and this will improve blood circulation. Elevate your relaxation by adding it to the super moon or moon pod. The cover is easy to remove and washed and easy to slide back in once dried.

* Comes in 5 colors
* Dimension is 8 inches by 20 inches

3.Outdoor cover

This is the cover you can use with a monopod to bring it out to the beach or relax by the pool. The cover is water-resistant and can be used on any rough surface due to the special blend of polyester fabrics used. It is also easy to clean and simple to put on the moon pod.

* Comes in space gray color
* Not recommended to put it inside the water